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Load class table as per standards set out in SANS 51253-1/ EN 1253




Welcome to GCT Fabricators

Proudly South African stainless steel fabricators specialising in Floor Drains, Floor Channels, Shower Drains, Grease Traps (Fat Traps), Oil-Water Separators, Sand Traps, Manhole Covers, Rodding Eye Covers, Grating, Grab Rails and custom-made stainless steel products.

Founded in 2016 by three individuals with both plumbing and engineering backgrounds, GCT offers ample experience in fluid mechanics and metal fabrication.

GCT's products are made from high quality stainless steel making them resistant to any form of corrosion and stain. All of our products are designed by qualified draughtsmen and are manufactured in our factory under careful supervision, after which each product is inspected for welding and assembly defects by our professionals.

Why choose GCT?

GCT has taken South Africa by storm and become the rising star of the stainless steel drainage industry, with our unbeatable prices, service and quality the GCT brand is quickly becoming the first choice for many retailers, plumbers and contractors nationwide.

Some say you get what you pay for but the truth is most of the time you get a lot less.

In this day and age, the notion that any product could last more than a few years, much less forever, may sound too good to be true; however, you may be surprised to learn that some companies like GCT actually do still design products that are built to last. All GCT products are designed and manufactured in South Africa by South Africans. We offer full technical support, and spare parts for all current and discontinued products will forever be available. So … Why wouldn't you choose GCT?

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GCT Fabricators & SASSDA

We are proud to announce that GCT Fabricators (PTY) Ltd is a member of SASSDA (Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association)


 No. 4 Finish (Satin)

Each and every GCT floor drainage product is manufactured with a No. 4 brushed finish (Satin) making the products aesthetically pleasing whether they are installed in a modern kitchen or luxury bathroom. The No. 4 Finish is produced with short, parallel polishing lines that extend uniformly along the length of the surface. The surface roughness is typically Ra 25 micro-inches or less. This is a general-purpose finish and is widely used for restaurant equipment, food processing, and dairy equipment.

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